188: Endgame 2 – Taserface Will Return

It’s here! Endgame is out and we are all over it this episode… kind of… in a total non spoilery way… until we talk spoilers. Ok. So we tried to do a non ‘just a simple review’ episode of Endgame. Everyone is going to do that. Instead we talk about 1. all the crazy easter eggs that appeared in Endgame (they didn’t. Trust us. No, these really didn’t) and 2. we talk about what all the survivors from infinity war did in their time off after the ‘snap’ and 3. Ridiculous ways Endgame should have went. So don’t worry! If you’ve seen it, dive in! If you haven’t, we’ll tell you when we’re about to talk about spoilers so you can skip ahead, which isn’t much really…. until the last ten minutes… when we go full spoiler. We couldn’t help it!!! It’s so good! We needed to talk about it!!! But don’t worry…. any spoilers are spoiled by a spoiler warning that we’re about to spoil our non spoiler episode. Phew. Spoilerific!
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