189: But Wait… There’s More! or: Danny Needs More Pudding

Believe it or not, other movies than Avengers: Endgame exist! But not every comic movie can be a billion-dollar hit, so this week we spare a little love for the underdogs, the forgotten ones, the… uh, the Jonah Hexes? Then we catch up on some other recent comic movies we missed, whether that means finally getting around to Aquaman, being charmed(?) by Shazam!, and being among the few to see the Hellboy reboot! AND Merk challenges Kyle & Bry to a comic movie box office quiz! That sounds fun AND educational! That’s right, it’s edufunctional!

But first: a controversial event-comic twist turns ugly prompting us have a few words about harassment and threats in fandom, and we talk about the current state of comic conventions in the wake of Central Canada Comic-Con’s cancellation.

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