182: Old Man Gwen Stacy

The boys are back this week and full of nerdy energy! So they jump right into a wacky game of CHARACTER STORM, where they suggest names of characters and the others fill in the blanks….and this could be the best one yet, beginning with Scrimp Frampton Crime Kicker!!! (Boom Studios is working on a deal for it right now!). Once they emerge from the storm, they talk characters that never seem to be able to carry their own ongoing series. They may be fantastic characters, integral and long lasting on team books … but solo… loser horn (Nightcrawler, we’re looking at you). Hear why Bry wants a Cyclops series that actually works, how we all want a Luke Cage series to happen and all about Alan Moore’s Erotic Journal Martian. All that plus we out of nowhere chime in on our favourite Mortal Kombat finishing moves. It’s a shorty but a weirdy episode, folks. All aboard!

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