156: Avengers Infinity Sex Worker

So we’re almost at the end of this HUUUUGE arc for the MCU. What’s next? Where can they go from here? What stories can they tell? And can we get Quasar killed in a movie already?!? It’s a shorty episode where we delve into what we they they can do next for the big movies, Netflix & other series for Marvel. Have you ever wished for a Jeremy Piven Hawkeye series….? We’re not sure about that either. What new characters can be introduced to the big & small screens? Bry is ‘all about the D-Man’ apparently. And we gush with excitement over the idea of She-Hulk. That and LOTS more jammed into this 30 minute ride! Bring your Loonatics shirt. No, seriously. Kyle just keeps talking about them. Over and over and over and…..

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