140: Long Pause, Then a Sawhorse

Oh my! Today is a day the boys travel in time! Whether it’s to tell you the comic news (because it’s recorded several weeks before it airs!), or Bry goes to back over a decade to make a superhero movie better, or we go ALLLLL the way back and talk prehistoric characters…. this is the length they go to to entertain! You’ll hear such bits as…. the super soldier sermon…just going to get space cigarettes baby!… Lex needs a face on his tummy… that’s right, his last name is STEGRON!….his father was a neanderthal who was just set in his ways….this is the 30 seconds we talk about that comic we haven’t read…my favourite part is when they refer to dinosaurs as honkers… How old is Zabu? Cut it open and count the rings…so Tony Shalhoub takes up archery…. AND SO MUCH MORE!!!! Join us, won’t you…

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