Newsflash for November 20, 2023

Zero Issues Comic Podcast
Zero Issues Comic Podcast
Newsflash for November 20, 2023

Robert Kirkman spilled a big ol’ pile of beans this week, but were these beans prefried? The writer revealed in an interview that Steven Yuen has been cast as The Sentry in the upcoming Thunderbolts film, but I feel like we all have kinda known that since February.

Speaking of casting news/rumors/the blurry line between the two, rumor has it that Pedro Pascal is Reed Richards? And Javier Bardem is Galactus? And it’s all going to be practical effects? Fascinating if true! There’s also been talk about pumping the brakes on Kang and multiverse stuff, but if that’s the case, sure is a shame that they have been focusing on the multiverse for years at this point. Like, they named the “saga” after it. Also, with a little more MCU goss: shocking no one, Armor Wars and the FF movie were announced at the time because Disney had an investors day thingie coming up, and so had to show something.

In comic news which may also just be a rumor, is Gail Simone going to be taking over X-Men once the House of X has fallen, the Powers of X have risen, and the X-Ray Spex have tex mex sex with Lexx, the sentient space ship? She’s writing a Free Comic Book Day X-Men thing, but that’s not until May, which seems…odd.

In comic news that’s real, real I say! Our best friend Chip Zdarsky is writing Joker: Year One, which is a three-parter that’s coming out soon, and Greg Weisman is writing Spectacular Spider-Men! This news is both spectacular, and hilarious, but hilarious in a sinister way.

And last but not least, Merry Little Batman, everyone, and to all a good Bat.

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