396: Get Me Out of Your Mouth. We’re Bros.

Zero Issues Comic Podcast
Zero Issues Comic Podcast
396: Get Me Out of Your Mouth. We're Bros.

With the new TMNT movie arriving, we’re doing a turtle episode! Kyle begins by interviewing esteemed Turtle scholar Esa Keltamaki about the TMNT comic series ‘The Last Ronin’-SPOILERS. Bry listened to part of it. Merk intentionally avoided it. There’s reasons.
Then the main event!
We each pick a number of turtle characters from various timelines, sources, media and publishing companies…. then make ’em fight to the end!
Don’t worry if you’re not fluent in all the turtle lore. Neither is Merk! But he enjoyed himself, didn’t you, Merk?
Yes i did-Merk
So join us for a discussion about wacky battles, Death Star Butt Canals, Jeff Goldblum flying around, how Bry thinks Baxter Stockman is a ‘bit of a weenus’, a lesson about where alligators and crocodiles are AND a very awkward segment discussing a huge severed cow head in space.
So join Cowabunga Kyle, Brycalangelo and Merkatello for a helluva shell game!

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