389: Bananas In. Bananas Out. That’s What Banana Eating is All About!

Zero Issues Comic Podcast
Zero Issues Comic Podcast
389: Bananas In. Bananas Out. That's What Banana Eating is All About!

Acting!!! Thespians!!! Performers!! Pantomimers….. ok maybe not that one.
We’re talking about Comic Book Actors this week. Specifically actors/actresses who have done MULTIPLE comic book roles. Who’s done most? Who’s done the best? Who’s done the worst?
We probably have a few on this list you never realized did THAT many comic book roles!
And this week… i know this will come as a surprise…. we’re a little silly. A little goofy. So join us for this ridiculous ride and learn how we get to such sayings as ‘Strong Tucci Soup’, or the titular ‘Bananas in. Bananas out. That’s what banana eatin’ is all about’. And join us for the ridiculous warm up of ‘dumb ways to die’ for comic characters…. who knew Hawkman couldn’t survive getting sucked into a jet engine?

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