Newsflash: May 29, 2023

Zero Issues Comic Podcast
Zero Issues Comic Podcast
Newsflash: May 29, 2023

A “shocking development” in The Amazing Spider-Man leaked weeks ahead of its release, leading to a public confirmation and what appear to be extremely mixed feelings about the whole thing! Can you believe Gwen Stacy is back, she was just in Europe the whole time, and then she immediately dies again? What are the odds!?

A whole bunch of comic adaptations (and in less important news: everything else) have paused their productions as the WGA writer’s strike continues! And until a fair deal is struck, we’re gonna be missing out on Thunderbolts, Blade, Wonder Man, Ryan Reynolds’ ability to do improv, all of it!!

ROM RETURNS! In Omnibus form. Wait, no — in ROMNIBUS form! Marvel is dipping back into their beloved ‘80s licensed Hasbro comics, and even the Micronauts are getting in on this! They’re all back!! And they’re gonna crossover with ALF, probably! And Combo Man!

Grant Morrison also returns… except they didn’t go anywhere… to kick off “Partially Naked Came the Corpse”, an “exquisite corpse” style series where multiple creators add to the overall story. How this is gonna work, we can’t tell you. (But we assume there will be a corpse.)

Diamond Comic Distributors loses another publisher as Image signs on with Lunar! But no matter what happens, retailers will be frustrated, that’s a guarantee.

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