351: What the #@$% is Going On!?

We’re all reeling from the bloodbath of cancelled projects at Warner Bros and HBO Max after David Zaslav’s Discovery FUSION-HA‘ed with Warner Brothers. The cancellation of Batgirl shocked the Internet and the impact of the takeover seems to keep spreading by the day. As we react to Warnergeddon, we also go through some other announced, scheduled, and even pre-existing projects that have met the corporate reaper’s blade. What can we expect for the future of DC, and perhaps WB as a whole? And along the way, let’s decide who should replace Ezra Miller as the Flash… and discover the secret of Alan Moore’s Five-Way Revenge!

But first there is other news, if you can believe it! The four-season – and completed – Infinity Train is erased from existence by Cartoon Network! It’s time for Guardians of the Galaxy: the Ride: the Comic! Chris Claremont shares some very uncensored opinions at C2E2, and oh ho ho you’d better believe the internet reacted.

And last but not least! We review and discuss LYCAN: SOLOMON’S ODDYSSEY, a new historical werewolf horror (but more!) graphic novel by Dennis Robinson, Sal Donaire, Ezequiel Dominguez and Joel Saavedra, published by Hive Head Studios. Spoilers: we dug it! And we’ll tell you why you may dig it too! [And incidentally, we’d love to do more indie reviews, so please reach out to us if you’re interested!]

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