345: I Would Like to Taste the Horsey Sauce

The Thunderbolts are ready to strike the MCU! A director has been hired, and that means it’s time to wildly speculate about who and what the team of villains-turned-heroes will be when they hit the big screen! To the point that we almost pitch a story, including a topical introduction to a certain Fantastic villain? And perhaps even a Merc with a mouth?? But anyway: What version of the comic will it look to adapt? Which MCU villains will make the cut? Will Zemo keep the purple balaclava or will he don the weird silver pointy mask of Citizen V? And just imagine: Werner Herzog as Baron Zemo Sr.!

And what news! The Boys is coming back for a 4th season, and Jensen Ackles opens up about show creator Eric Kripke’s diabolical methods! TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge is out literally tomorrow, with some excessive special editions coming in the probably distant future! Joe Quesada is retiring from Marvel after 20+ years in charge! And a a chance glimpse of “Ugly Namor” has us chatting about when superheroes weren’t all Hollywood hot & fit and whether they even should be! Maybe some comic podcast hosts could be superheroes! MAYBE!

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