330: It’s Disgusting Shakespeare, Is What It Is

Peacemaker cameth and wenteth, and we have many thoughts on what we have seen! How did the show rapidly evolve? What made it even possible? What parts do we especially love as shameless James Gunn fans? How amazing was that cast as a whole? What could possibly be in store for season two? And how about those last-episode cameos that we’re not sure if it’s cool to casually talk about in an episode description?? But we’ve got another special treat in honour of this hard-R foul gross-out romp: we don’t even TRY to bleep our swears or edit out our disgusting tangents! You’re welcome (we’re sorry)! May want to put in the headphones if there are kids around, seriously.

Oh, you think that’s all? Listen friend, don’t even worry about it, we’ve got multiple segments on this show! We talk about the new “Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness” trailer, somehow both speculating and commenting on the state of over-speculation for literally everything. We’ve got news! Comixology updates and finally fully integrates with Amazon and nobody is happy about it, not even one bit! DC’s Wonder Twins are getting a movie on HBO Max (no, really)! And more!? And more!

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