329: The Sky is the Limit

Feeling angelic? Well, even if you don’t, we’ll make you feel like you’ve got wings! …. that was cheesy….. But seriously, we’re fixing characters this week! And our target is the ever flyin’ X-Man ANGEL! He’s been a character that, as we say right at the start, has often been the blandest of the X-Men. Or at least never really had more than a storyline or two where they took off as a character. We give you three different directions for the ANGEL…. the angelic mutant saviour, the multiple Angel angle, and the Defending Champion!
All that plus Merk gives you a 2 comic book tv shows…. one to avoid, and one to watch! Will you agree?
And news! Justice League Incarnate changes the face of a number of DC’s events from the past 40 years, Tony Stark pops the question, and DC Dinosaurs!! AND… AND…. Chanum Tattings.
Oh boyo boy! You don’t wanna miss this one. Chanum Taters. Er. Tattings. Whatever. It’ll make sense. See you there!


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