214: Ain’t No Party Like a Zombie Party Halloween Special

Our annual Halloween Special is here and do we have a special one for you tonight!!! Not one but TWO dramatic reads of two devilishly divine horror comic tales! First up is “Nightmare World” written and art by Basil Wolverton (from Weird Tales of the Future no 3, 1952-so you KNOW they got the future right!) and “Corpses…Coast to Coast!” from Igor Studios (originally appearing in Voodoo no 14, 1954-with a title like that, how could we resist!?!). Of course we dramatize it utilizing the deepest depths of our classically trained comic dramatizing skills! Join us for this, poison mayo, the Russo Brothers and a horrible ‘special one time halloween theme (that will never be used again, but is for the bad movie lovers in us all).

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