204: Get Away From Her You Bitch!

Alright! We had some pretty smarty pants discussions with some smart guests for the past two episodes… time to dumb this down a notch! AUGUST AUDNESS RETURNS!!  Like its sister episode, March Madness, each of our intrepid hosts picks three comic characters, and then the tournament begins! Who will be picked? Who will win? Who will be turned into a cat? Who will be ambushed whilst breaking the 4th wall? Which character will just befriend their opponent in a sneaky way to defeat them? Tune in to find out!
All that plus newsy news of Hulu’s ‘Adventures into Fear, Marvel shows & someone loots Loot Crate! Plus PLUS! Merk intros a new segment: Powers Gone Wrong! Listen and let us know if we should do it again or dump it into the Sarlacc!

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