185: I Like the Idea of Them Being Best Friends

This week is a shorty but a goodie… and sorry, it’s kinda raunchy. It just went that way. We have no control over it. It’s the Kree programing. No news, no warm ups, just two segments this week. Bry drops a hilarious game of MFK on the boys, including ridiculous Legionnaires (the heroes from the future, not the disease) and some familiar Aunts. Then Merk introduces a new bit called ‘Connections’, making connections across companies and media. Did you know Shaggy from Scooby Doo’s last name is Rogers? Could his long lost father be the Sentinel Of Liberty himself, Captain America??? And what does he think of his hippie, deadbeat, scooby snackin’ kid??? They also delve into two Garfield stories, a trippy trip into machine man land, and we all learn about Parker…. y’know…. Parker! Parker? PARKER!!! Not to mention we connect the Red Skull to Skeletor! And it turns out they’re besties!!!

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