142: Creaky Bones and a Jughead Face

This week, the boys are down a member. Bry is off looking for the cure for polio but Merk & Kyle are still here for LIGHTNING ROUND!!! A barrage of quick topics & bits it is! Merk will explain the plot of Dragonball….even though he’s never watched an episode! We’ll talk why Erik Larsen thinks the terrorists are winning, what random characters could make up a new FF, how and why Spider-Man could be renamed Spinnerette, why Aunt May should have her own book, who Vin Diesel could play next in a comic movie (Mr. Leatherbee anyone?), who’s on the worst dressed list, who pees sitting down and FINALLY…. a dramatic read of the holy kind! Join us…. it’s only two of us. We need a third. Otherwise, we’re all out of whack!

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