Episode 127: 35 Ghosts in a Tiny House

Ghosts! Cults! Haunted Houses! Creatures! Commandos! Kissing robots! John Travolta’s many, many wigs! We have it all this week! Heavens to mergatroid, do we! Our main topic is cults in comics-azrael, trans human, Kobra vs Cobra, cult of connor, the hand, scientology, 3-d man and lots more. Bry also touches on some interesting business matters of the comic heart. We also discuss the new trailers for New Mutants & Black Panther and the Moment of Zero is a dramatic read of Creature Commandos! What will Sarge do to save his robot buddy, Jake?!?! Oh, and the ending…. we have a very good ending and everyone is talking about this ending.

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