Episode 128: Spookycast

ooooooo!!!! It’s Halloween time so the boys have a SPOOKYCAST for you this week! A frightening round of frightening topics witch may or may not include a petrifying quiz on Ghost Rider villains, a dire discussion of daunting mashups (A horror filled For Better or for Worse, anyone?), a ghastly symposium on sexy halloween costumes, a chilling conversation on how to strike down your sidekick, a fearful game of Character Storm (for your consideration…. Edgar Allan Poe-tato?) and we end off with a League of Baldo….er… League of Spookoes! So join Zombry Korpsick, FrankenMerk & the Kyle with 2 Heads as we explain why you can’t say norff to the dorff!

Direct Download: MP3

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