Newsflash for January 15, 2024

Zero Issues Comic Podcast
Zero Issues Comic Podcast
Newsflash for January 15, 2024

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips’s series Criminal has been given a series order over on Prime, which means that hey, comic book creators are going to be making some money for once! If only there were some sort of comic book creators union, like with some sort of bill of rights. Huh, that’d be the day.

Over at IDW, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which has been written (and sometimes drawn, too!) by Sophie Campbell, is going to be wrapping up with issues 150. However, considering that IDW and Viacom have a brand new Ninja Turtles contract extension, whatever happens next for the toitles is going to be happening in the same continuity. Is…is Bellybomb going to get a solo series? Can I write it?

Speaking of endings, Amulet, the YA graphic novel series by Kazu Kibuishi, is also coming to an end, with Volume 9: The Waverider, finally being announced for release on February 6!

Speaking of Steven Yeun, which we weren’t, but we are now: he’s left Thunderbolts, as he’s got other filming commitments, so we won’t get to see him be whoever-the-heck he was supposed to be, but we’ve got some ideas on what giant man could replace him in that role.

The Hood is Ghost Rider! Did you hear? The Hood is Ghost Rider! Finally, a Ghost Rider I can not give a shit about!

And finally, the Spawn movie’s still in the works. Honest.

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