Newsflash: January 23, 2023

The newsboys are back for another ZERO ISSUES NEWSFLASH! It’s the beginning of the end of the beginning of the Venomverse, but the Denim Gwenomverse will surely endure. ComiXology suffers another brutal blow by their owners at Amazon. Crystal Dynamics’ Avengers game is closing up shop and giving away the extras its first-day fans paid big for. That Wilkin Boy, the Archie sensation we definitely all remember, is back – in horror spin-off form! Jason Momoa meets with the new DC Studios bosses and right on, my man, he likes what he hears! Are James Gunn and his “Guardians of the Galaxy” cast DCU BFFs, and does the idea make us happy or angry? And last but not least, are retailers’ frustrations with event creep and endless variant covers reaching critical mass? Find out! Here! In this breaking-ish news update!

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