290: The Colossus Of Podcasts, the Colossus Of Wayne

It’s “Fix a Character” time! Piotr Rasputin, Colossus of the X-Men, is a beloved classic character that just doesn’t seem work outside of a team. Strong, stoic yet sensitive, but maybe lacking the energy that makes other characters extra (X-tra!?) popular. Join us for three series pitches that explore some very different, but very “us” takes on the X-Man of Steel! Legal intrigue, art rights, and what makes a life! An urban Mutant Town protector! A Savage Land family reunion that leads to Conan-esque adventure! This one’s got it all! DA TOVARISCH! (Someone tell Marvel to listen to this one!)

Also: Plenty of news, from the sad passing of John Paul Leon to Invincible and Red Sonja news, to endless Marvel teasers. We go on a musical adventure called JUKEBOX ZERO! And all of it made possible by our lovely sponsor, RNC COFFEE! Use the promo code zeroissues at rnccoffee.ca!

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