216: Hawkman’s Pal Doug

Y’know those pals who are, like… un-super pals? This week we’re talking about the friends, the sidekicks, the hangers-on of the superhero stars! Whether they’re teen sidekicks for the kids to relate to, or middle-aged schlubs for the writer of the comic to relate to, they’ve been loitering around the panels for decades! So in their honour, let’s: Find some new powerless pals for famous superheroes! Pitch a new “League of Losers” team (are you listening, Mr. Bendis?)! Have a friggin’ RICK JONES QUIZ! Snap into action!!

Plus, news! The Snyder Cut keeps threatening to be released! An X-Man is a Canadian Member of Parliament! “Joker” has made a bunch of money! Ben Mendelsohn makes us bleep ourselves! And maybe even more!?

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