395: How Titans Stopped Worrying and Embraced the “Dick”

Zero Issues Comic Podcast
Zero Issues Comic Podcast
395: How Titans Stopped Worrying and Embraced the "Dick"

Pass the fancy wireless remote, tune in to the tube, get out the TV Guide and let me know if we need to set the VCR —- it’s time to talk about comic-based TV shows! Particularly the current state of the comic-show landscape, as the explosion of TV series in the past 10 years have or will soon be ending. What’s next for the world of small-screen (but actually pretty-damn-big-screen) comic adaptations? Perhaps less will be more, with fewer but overall better shows? Should superheroes keep in their feature-film lane and let the indie comics spread their tales across more episodes? Is anyone still watching the ever-expanding Walking Dead TV-verse, and did they ever get to the fireworks factory? Is the so-called “golden age of television” ending, or just evolving? So many questions! So let’s talk all about ’em!

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