321: Dracula vs. the Christmas Vampire Goat

It’s that wonderful holiday season once again! And once again… it’s kind of a weird one. So let’s get weird! Listen and read along with us as we react to another ’70s Power Records performance, this time of Tomb of Dracula #19 by Marvel Wolfman & Gene Colan! Dracula and Rachel van Helsing are trapped on the Transylvanian Alps in the middle of a snowstorm! Um, on the way to a Christmas party! Sure, let’s go with that. Will they manage to escape the treacherous mountain and/or kill each other? The only things standing in their way: wooden bullets, a helicopter crash, regular bullets, and Dracula’s greatest enemy… A GOAT!

Sync up the following video with the 3:29 mark of the podcast for the full effect! Or if you’ve got a copy of the comic in your back-issue bins, unseal that bad boy and read along!

Direct Download: MP3

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