230: So Let’s Talk About the Starfox in the Room

Starfox. Starfox! STARFOX! (Not that one.) Let’s not mince words: Eros the Eternal, Avenger, brother of Thanos, and defendant of lawsuits, is what you could call… problematic. “The power to stimulate the pleasure centre of the brain” maybe doesn’t play so well in 2020. So it’s up to us to fix him! We re-evaluate, refresh, re-cast, and even fully reboot the Titan known as Starfox to tell some stories that maybe won’t make you feel deeply uncomfortable!

But there’s more! Batman takes the stage – ninja style! Nathan Fillion’s arms may or may not fall off, boy! Michael Golden’s Micronauts gets a very macro release! And Merk quizzes Bry & Kyle on their ludicrous Marvel acronyms!

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