Episode 118: All it Takes is One Bleeping Day

This week we’re hanging around the campfire telling scary stories…. or not….ok…. we’re ACTUALLY postulating on what the Marvel cinematic universe will look like in a few years. What stories can they do? And some fantastic stuff comes up…. Great Lakes Galactus Hawkeyes with Affleck & Damon…. or something like that. Robert Kirkman’s next big pizza? Trust me. It’s bleeping amazing! Also news with Eisner awards (It’s almost current! We’re trying!), Captain Marvel, bug eyed Nick Fury, tubthumping and stuff like that? A warm up blazing through, at high speed, the possible 67 characters in the Avengers movie. Garfield Falling Down…. who knew that could work?Plus, elusive night rainbows, Valerian’s bleepy Harry, and an outlandish SDCC was this an actual panel quiz? Join us, won’t you, fair listener…..

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