Episode 27: 2015 Resolutions – As Long as Barry Allen Dies, I’m Happy

2014, you’ve been a real year, you old so-and-so. But we’re done talking about you! We’re looking ahead to 2015. We’re making resolutions, both for ourselves, and for comics. Stuff we want to see, and stuff we don’t want to see. Maybe even stuff that we’d like to see in this podcast!

Oh, and a reminder of who we are!
Merk grew up on Earth, but is not originally from here. He likes to tell stories, and enjoys a good pastrami sandwich. Check out his stuff here!
Stranded in our time from the 31st century, Bry Kotyk must draw enough Jesus comics to get back to his own time, for some reason.
Kyle Lees didn’t have anything clever to say, which is a shame, given that this is what he does.

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