403: Paste Pot Pete’s Sticky Fingers Adventure

What do Paste Pot Pete, Keep on Truckin’, James Spader, a spooky classy underground cavern and Charlie Chicken Johansson Berger have in common? They’re all in our crazy MAD LIB STORYTIME episode! With the SAG-AFTRA & WGA strikes going on, we mad lib an MCU movie and it’s….. in this episode! Bela Lugosi as the Beyonder! Who does Busta Rhymes play? Who plays Gargoyle? Was Jesus an Eternal?
This and at least 2 other age old questions answered!
Plus a warm up game of naming ridiculously specific jobs and which comic character would be the best (or worst) for it! It may make you ask the question if,as the Flash, you vibrate through diarrhea, would you die?
That and so much more on this very special episode of Full Hous…. er …. Zero Issues Comic Podcast.

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