Episode 121: The Midler

Lightning round!!! Bzap!! That means it’s time for a short episode of several even shorter topics! Injustice is out…. let’s dream up other comic fighting games! How about retconning forgotten characters? Remember Brother Power the Geek? Me neither! A new bit- Sit Comic TV shows! Who would Sam from Cheers be in the comic world? Hal Jordan or Booster Gold? Who’s more washed up? Bry & Merk fight it out. What songs would the JL members karaoke? And did you know that Lobo joined the JL the same time as Bette Midler? The more you know! All that and news that is not even remotely up to date. But we try. Hellboy! Marvel Legacy! The Jetsons! Shazam! And bonus impromptu songs that are driving us nuts!

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