Episode 114: The Michael Keaton Primer

Spidey Homecoming is out TOMORROW! And we don’t have advanced tix or special access, so we’re just going to go through a lightning round of What if possibility threads that Spidey could have taken! What if Tobey Maguire stayed on as Spidey? What if this was actually the Amazing Spider Man 3 with Andrew Garfield? Recast all the first franchise Batman movie villain actors as Spidey villans! What if the Spidey movies were Marvel Team-Up films? What if Michael Keaton’s Vulture is actually Batman…. which leads down a BIZARRE rabbit hole you won’t want to come out of!! A dozen of those what-ifs PLUS a ‘read this now’ by Kyle (hint- it rhymes with boon fight) and a dramatic Spidey reading (with Demo-Goblin, so you KNOW it’s good)! And a whack o’ news including GL casting, Wonder Woman is kickin’ arse, Cyborg Superman is boring and LOTS more!! Tune your ears to Spidey-Sense, it’s time for you to have ZERO ISSUES!!!


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