Episode 112: Merk Will Drive

The boys are back from a collective month of conventions, and finally got together to talk about their experiences! Over less than a month, Merk was at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo and Fan Expo Regina, Bry went to the first-ever JoyCon in Dryden, and they both joined Kyle to make the road trip to Oriilia Comic-Con! Lots of stories and observations here, from Merk’s seasoned con perspective to Kyle and Bry’s first time traveling to a show! What makes a good con? How do you engage an audience of attendees? What’s the secret to the perfect booth setup? All this and… fidget spinners? (It’ll all make sense, we assure you!)

Plus: we dig into some recent comics news, including a Chaykin-flavoured controversy, we play MFK with the architects of Marvel Comics, and shine the Bat-Signal for the dearly departed Adam West.

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