Episode 84: Luke Cage – Sweet Christmas: 3 Men and a Jazz Baby

Luke Cage is HERE, so today we talk Cage. No we’re not just talking the new series (this is not a review. There are no spoilers for the Netflix show. Don’t you worry, pumpkin.), but we discuss the origins of the character, blaxploitation movies, kung fu movies, jazz babies and lots more.

Also! Kyle does a choose your own adventure Doozes the Chooses, and Merk does a Read This Now, talking about Nowhere Men. Also…. we have ‘Is this news?’…. because we’re unsure.


And Nic Cage.


National: http://suicideprevention.ca/need-help/

Local (Thunder Bay region): http://thunderbay.cmha.ca/programs_services/crisis-response-services/#.V-dDrPkrK71

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