Episode 87: Googam Fast Cat Kaiju

This week we’re all about monsters! BIG MONSTERS!! And by that we mean Jimmy Olsen and Googam.

Bry also gives his run down of the new Flash season and how everyone hates Wally West… every time. And then there’s Flash Cat. There’s also a mini big monster quiz, and Kyle talks about North American Kaiju flics…. and of course that leads to cowboys eating lawyers on the toilet and a WAY over the line bit about 18″ TMNT figures.

We apologize in advance.


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Episode 86: Punching With Magic (but not Magick)

Dr. Strange is hitting the big screen at long last, and that inspired us to have a discussion about magic and mysticism in comics, and how well it works (or doesn’t work) in superhero universes! Also: we touch on new superhero-themed fashion from Her Universe, get excited about attending ThunderCon this weekend, and Merk tells us all about his upcoming graphic novel “Season of the Dead Hours”!

Art by Kevin Nowlan

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Episode 85: Characters with Kids – Claybies

Boy, kids, huh? This week, we completely avoid discussing the trials and tribulations of being a superhero parent, despite the theme being Characters with Kids.  Isn’t that weird? I don’t think we did it on purpose. We don’t mention diapers or parent teacher night once. So odd.

Also: News, aaah! Bry Reacts, Jesus! Merk asks us questions about drawing, and we really dig into what we liked to doodle when we were kids.



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Episode 84: Luke Cage – Sweet Christmas: 3 Men and a Jazz Baby

Luke Cage is HERE, so today we talk Cage. No we’re not just talking the new series (this is not a review. There are no spoilers for the Netflix show. Don’t you worry, pumpkin.), but we discuss the origins of the character, blaxploitation movies, kung fu movies, jazz babies and lots more.

Also! Kyle does a choose your own adventure Doozes the Chooses, and Merk does a Read This Now, talking about Nowhere Men. Also…. we have ‘Is this news?’…. because we’re unsure.


And Nic Cage.


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