Episode 52: First Works – Episode Alpha

This episode: almost everything changes in a new and improved Zero Issues! New year, new format, new segments… same hosts.

This week, Kyle, Bry and Merk talk about famous comic creators’ lesser-known first works, touching on the early careers of Jack Kirby, Warren Ellis, Akira Toriyama, and more! We touch on current happenings like the Deadpool PG-13 petition and the Angoulême Grand Prix controversy in the Current Zeroes Newsflash, and cover a “game-changing” comic that fell flat in Lame-Changers! All this and more!

NOTE: Due to an unforeseen levels issue, the audio in this episode is distorted at many points. We’ve done our best to make it as clear as possible. (We didn’t move our recording studio to a wind tunnel in the sewer. I repeat: the Zero Issues Sewer Wind Tunnel HQ definitely doesn’t exist. At all.)

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