383: I Wanna Lex You Up

Inspired by the announcement of Waid & Hitch on “The Last Days of Lex Luthor”, we look at the many versions of that hairless hater of Superman, talk about our favourite versions of ol’ Lex, then decide… Hey, never mind all that, we can fix this guy! Let’s reimagine Lex Luthor and see what other interpretations might befit the Menace of Metropolis! Maybe he transforms himself through science and becomes a Cronenberg-ian horror? Maybe he’s a snooping landlord in a Clark-Lois-Jimmy “Three’s Company” scenario? Maybe he’s a supreme sorcerer now able to defeat Superman through magic? Maybe he’s a lot of things! And you’ll hear about ‘em!

But that’s not all! Merk, at long last, hunts down the comics to solve a childhood “Power Man and Iron Fist” mystery! And friends, this journey through continuity has everything: exploding motorcycles, flying 1986 cell phones, knockoff Nega-Bands, high collars, ketchup stains, Master Kahn, John Byrne. EVERYTHING.

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