Zero Issues Holiday Half Pint 9-A Gallon of Beard Oil

It’s that time of the season again!
HOLIDAY HALF PINTS!!! 12 mini episodes leading up to Dec 25th!
Episode 9!! Today we pull cards randomly from a stack of Marvel 1991 trading cards and ask very important christmas questions. What would Iron Fist buy for Iron Fist? Join us for a few more sips of the ol’ half pint.We’re getting close to the bottom of the glass….
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Episode 19: Lightning Round – Brought To You By Our Sponsors

It’s a lightning round week! Three topics, no sense!
What villains do you never want to see again?
Why aren’t there any really good comic book video games?
What are the best and most iconic costumes?
Those are the questions.  Find out the answers if you daaaaare.

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