172: Chip Sahoyski


This week we go all over the place with a Lightning Round! What should Superman’s new power be? What comic book should have an awesome open world game? How much Batdick is too much Batdick? These questions and many more definitively answered in this “we recorded it a month ago so it isn’t necessarily current” episode!

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171: Heckblazers

You ever read an issue of The Invisibles…on weeeed? Look, we were going to post this episode ever, but we got soooo high, and, like, we were all whoooooa… I know I’m offending someone with this writeup, and y’know what? I’m sorry that your subculture has been co-opted by bros. It’s not your fault, and I shouldn’t be picking on you about it. I’m sorry.

Anyway we talk about weed in comics this week. Oh and Bry’s asleep, so he’s veeeery quiet.


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